Andre Galvao – Leg Weave Analysis

Andre Galvao – Leg Weave Pass Analysis

Below I’ll provide detailed analysis of the leg weave pass that Andre Galvao used to defeat Xande Ribeiro in the 2012 Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu World Pro. If you’re able to follow along you’ll learn every option available from the leg weave pass and how to transition between the passing phases.

2:47Andre Galvao starts to set up the pass by getting a grip on Xande’s bottom leg while in half guard.

2:51 – Andre windshield wiper’s his leg and starts to pass as he controls Xande’s collar with his left hand. This pass relies heavily on these two grips and when done right you can: Read more »

Rafael Mendes Vs Cobrinha Armbar at Pans Analysis

Below you’ll find my detailed play by play of Rafael Mendes Vs Cobrinha Armbar at Pans Analysis. Want to understand exactly what happend in the match? Well read below! And if you have not already, watch the guard pass to armbar at 4.22 of this match:

Let me explain this arm bar if I may. As Rafael Mendes sweeps Cobrinha (4:14) he comes on top in the hip rewind, sao paulo passing position. Cobrinha attempts to trap Rafael in 50/50 however Rafael Mendes manages to hook his bottom leg in a safe position preventing a 50/50 execution by Cobrinha(4:19).

At this point Cobrinha has the following options:

  1. Turn away from Rafael and give up his back
  2. Accept the guard pass
  3. Stiff arm Rafael by extending his arm and using Rafael’s lapel as a grip.

Conrinha decides he has no choice but to fully extend his arm and attempt to use that leverage to prevent the pass with the goal of eventually recomposing his guard.

At exactly 4:22, Rafael Mendes attacks the armbar by passing his right leg over Cobrinha’s head and left leg over his stomach. The reason he was able to prevent Cobrinha from retracting his arm is simply because Cobrinha was fully extending his arm to prevent the pass. Rafa then moves his control to the wrist/thumb of Cobrinha, and this is essential for him. As Cobrinha “cork-screws” his body Rafael is able to counter this movement by turing the wrist the opposite way , thus keeping Cobrinha’s arm in the locked out position. Notice at 4:30, Rafa rotates toward Cobrinha’s legs forcing Cobrinha to roll and again at 4:42. Finally at 4:44 Cobrinha submits.

Lessons learned from the match:

  • Be ready to attack a submission when attempting a guard pass.
  • Control of your opponents wrist and thumb is essential in finishing an arm bar.
  • Use the inside of your leg as a fulcrum and not your genitals for maximum finishing ability.
  • Face your opponents legs when finishing an arm bar belly down. This will force your opponent to roll and increase your chances of finishing.

That concludes my Rafael Mendes Vs Cobrinha Armbar at Pans Analysis, I hope the information was helpful to you.

You can learn the same arm-bar with detailed instruction on my DVD here


BJJ Recovery

Jiu Jitsu RecoveryI’m currently recovering from a knee injury. Last week I injured my MCL in one of my last training sessions. I wanted to write an update for BJJ Recovery and talk a little about the recovery process. I’m really lucky to have access to a doctor who specializes in recovery from sports injury. Dr. Rosa specializes in cyclists but he has been treating the guys on the team for years starting with Mike Fowler. He is highly knowledgable in BJJ Recovery.

I went to Dr. Rosa’s office today and he performed various treatments on me such as Electric Stimulation, Graston and Laster Treatment. He also gave me a recovery plan for getting on the mats as quickly as possible. This plan included several supplements which he ordered for me at his cost. For a struggling amateur athlete like myself, this is a huge help.

When it comes to BJJ Recovery, Dr. Rosa is the team’s go to guy. I’d highly recommend him to anyone, of any skill level, who practices any sport– especially BJJ Recovery because the art is foreign to most doctors. Dr. Rosa watches BJJ and is highly knowledgable when it comes to the stresses and complexities of the fine art.

Dr. Rosa is the guy to see for BJJ Recovery, and he has some great stories.

BJJ Workouts

BJJ WorkoutsI’m traveling back to Maryland and I have a long layover so I’m taking this time to throw up a quick blog post.  I want to talk about BJJ workouts.

Working out for BJJ is a subject of great debate. Everyone has their own method, or belief system. BJJ Workouts vary greatly. Some prefer long cardio sessions, others short metcons. Some people swear by circuit type workouts, others olympic weightlifting.

When it comes to BJJ workouts I’ve dabbled with everything. When I first started training full time I did a year of Crossfit main site programming religiously.  Crossfit changed my body drastically, I built muscle and lost body fat. Looking back I was missing an important component – periodization. With random, high intensity workouts all year long I never gave my body the opportunity to experience a massive peak. I was just “good” all year round. I never experienced a massive surge of strength and power that can be achieved with periodization.

After I strayed away from crossfit I was introduced to other BJJ Workouts. I tried group circuit training where we would do a variety of BJJ specific exercises compiled into a circuit. While that improved my strength and cardiovascular endurance it was still missing something.

Finally in mid – 2011 I was introduced to Josh Brown from Atlanta athletic club. Josh designed me an 8 week mesocycle aimed at increasing power and explosiveness before the 2011 World Championships. The program included olympic weightlifting, with a lot of specialized, BJJ specific power movements. We also did a metcon at the end of the workout. Josh’s aim was to improve my spinal stabilization, with the 8 week program he focused on a core stabilization training program with dynamic balance and a few secret things I can’t reveal.

The results were insane!

  • I increased my vertical resting jump by 20%.
  • My powerclean went from 165lbs to 205 lbs 1 rep max.
  • I doubled the amount of “Over and Backs” I could complete before failure.

My conclusion is this: If you seek to improve your fitness level for BJJ, consult an expert who specializes in BJJ Workouts. In my BJJ newsletter I include sample workouts and tips that Josh designed for me.  Seek someone who has credentials and experience training BJJ Athletes.  Josh has a masters degree in Kinesiology and has years of experience training pro tennis players, football players, golfers, etc. Due to the nature of the sport, BJJ workouts are complex and require a high level of knowledge in the field of exercise science.

My Berimbolo DVD

berimbolo DVDSo, the Pan didn’t go my way. No excuses. I’m going back to the lab on monday and I’ll be ready for the Worlds in 9 weeks.

The good thing about losing: Nothing. It sucks. I’ve lost a lot in my BJJ career. I lose more than I win, but Napoleon Hill says Persistance is a key trait to success.

The reason I’m writing this blog is that I just got a message from my blue belt friend and former student Steve Ladin. He sent me this message about my Berimbolo DVD:

They are going really well. I did pretty good at Lutador. One of the guys I beat placed second at White Belt Worlds last year and lost in the quarter finals for Blue Belt Pan Ams. So I was happy about that. I actually beat him on points with one of the De La Riva Sweeps that I learned from your DVD.

Steve was able to use one of the sweeps he learned on my Berimbolo DVD. The sweep he’s talking about is very easy to learn and sets up lots of other attacks and submissions. If you’re interested in learning more about my Berimbolo DVD click here. The DVD is a single volume and covers De la Riva Guard and the Berimbolo in great detail. I’m also giving out a free guard strength workbook that will make your guard straight nasty!

So I’m heading home tomorrow back to Maryland. The team has been awesome. After I lost my match I was walking to the bullpen and I heard certain people yelling at me, harassing me with insults. Master Lloyd came walking up at that exact moment and  and told me something that gave me the confidence to block it all out. It’s great being backed by people who share your same goals and dreams. All the guys are awesome and I’m really lucky to be a part of the team. JT, Jimmy, Sarj, Keenan, Chris, Balcom, Nick, Mike, DJ, Andris, Master Donnie and the Teens, of course Master Lloyd.

I’ll update this blog tomorrow. Osss



1-On-1 Email Coaching

Slots for my new DVD Guard Passing for Competitors are going fast! I’m going to have to close sales soon and I need to explain why. Well, first let me explain a special bonus that I’m offering. No one else is doing this and that’s what sets me apart. I’m giving each of my DVD customers unlimited 1-On-1 Email Coaching. This is going to help them stay motivated, on track and focused.

Now here’s the catch. I can only offer this to so many people. I have a pretty busy life, when I’m not training I’m resting and spending time with my teammates. In order to give my clients the best service possible I’m going to limit the amount of people who sign up.

I’m 100% sure that email coaching will help you because the regular correspond will solve any problems you have on the way! Every successful person has a mentor, and I envision myself as your virtual mentor!


IBJJF Pans Day 3

I just went to the venue to check my weight. Got in and out. I’m 1.5 lbs under so I can have a small salad and some chicken throughout the day. Tomorrow is go time. I’ll be competing at 10:35 am Pacific Time. The IBJJF Pans are a good tournament.  Last year I lost my first match to Roberto Satoshi by two points. This year will be different as I’m a more seasoned brown belt with more confidence, skill and a better team enviroment.

It will be a good test of my new skills I’ve picked up at team Lloyd Irvin. The training is vastly better, and we drill much more than where I was before. Overall the IBJJF Pan’s are turning to be a great tournament. Keenan went on to win double gold placing first in his division and the purple open class. Keenan will be the next Roger Gracie, I’m positive. He tapped one of the Meow brothers in less than 30 seconds and finished almost all of his matches by submission. He wrecked shop at the IBJJF Pans.

JT is competing in the super heavyweight black belt division while weighing only 175lbs. I believe he will win. We all believe in him. He’s got insane skills and he’s twice as fast as any super heavyweight. It’s gonna be really exciting. Make sure you tune in to watch him merk some heavies.

Until next time – Oose


2012 IBJJF Pan Ams

Watch me live on sunday starting at 10:30 pst!

Pan’s are here baby!

I’m currently in California right now relaxing and trying to rest up before sunday.

The whole TLI crew is here and we will be wrecking shop!

Keenan won his Division, Rita won her division, Frank got 3rd, Sarj won her division plus a bunch of friends from crazy 88 got medals!

America’s BJJ team is on the takeover!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Team Lloyd Irvin is leading the points right now.



Guard Passing Basics

Guard passing sets apart the good from the elite in BJJ. To learn this elusive skill one must delve deep into the BJJ underworld where Brazilians try to keep their best guard passes top secret.

I’ve done some studying and through many hours of practice I’ve created a flawless guard passing system that anyone can learn.

BJJ guard passing is not about speed, pressure, posture, or strength, but rather knowing specific secrets that Brazilians don’t want you to know.

Legit, crazy BJJ guard passing changes the game. If you’re like me and you’re not an elite wrester then your only option in a tournament is to pull guard and sweep.

Once you’ve swept your opponent and wind up in the top position what’s next? You need the ability to pass your opponents guard quickly and with confidence!

The number one problem that I see with BJJ guard passers is they lack confidence. More to come…

If you’re interested in a really cool BJJ guard passing resource check out this site: Link

Watch the video, it’s only a few minutes long. It explains everything you need to know about guard passing!