Andre Galvao – Leg Weave Analysis

Andre Galvao – Leg Weave Pass Analysis

Below I’ll provide detailed analysis of the leg weave pass that Andre Galvao used to defeat Xande Ribeiro in the 2012 Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu World Pro. If you’re able to follow along you’ll learn every option available from the leg weave pass and how to transition between the passing phases.

2:47Andre Galvao starts to set up the pass by getting a grip on Xande’s bottom leg while in half guard.

2:51 – Andre windshield wiper’s his leg and starts to pass as he controls Xande’s collar with his left hand. This pass relies heavily on these two grips and when done right you can:

  1. Force your opponent to over commit their top leg and jump to the opposite side control.
  2. Step over the opponents top leg, clear and and pass the guard with either a knee on belly or side mount.
  3. Take the back by using the collar grip as a seat belt if the opponent tries to turn into you for a double leg.
  4. Secure a “top-leg-smash” position by dropping your chest on the opponents top hip area.

2:54Andre Galvao attempts option 1 and jumps to the opposite side, however he does not clear Xande’s top leg and he returns to the leg weave position.

3:20 – Classic example of the leg weave intermediate position. Galvao is directing all of his weight on his head and continues to maintain both grips.

3:24 - Andre now resorts to option 4 and secures a leg smash position with can also be considered a form of half guard.

3:41 - Andre Galvao resumes the standard leg weave and attempts option 2

3:46 – Andre again attempts option 1

3:50 – Andre resumes option 4 from the failed option 1

4:30 – Finally Andre forces Xande to Turtle and gains an advantage.

Andre Galvao leg weave pass

Andre Galvao Leg Weave Pass

In Conclusion the rule of this pass is the grips.  Having excellent grip strength and knowing how to grip efficiently is the foundation of this pass. Once you’ve established your grips, simply rotate between the passing options, and eventually you will either mentally break your opponent or he will make a mistake. Drilling of this pass should be done in phases with an initial phase of slow technical drilling switching between options, and a final phase of full resistance specific training in the leg weave position.

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