BJJ Recovery

Jiu Jitsu RecoveryI’m currently recovering from a knee injury. Last week I injured my MCL in one of my last training sessions. I wanted to write an update for BJJ Recovery and talk a little about the recovery process. I’m really lucky to have access to a doctor who specializes in recovery from sports injury. Dr. Rosa specializes in cyclists but he has been treating the guys on the team for years starting with Mike Fowler. He is highly knowledgable in BJJ Recovery.

I went to Dr. Rosa’s office today and he performed various treatments on me such as Electric Stimulation, Graston and Laster Treatment. He also gave me a recovery plan for getting on the mats as quickly as possible. This plan included several supplements which he ordered for me at his cost. For a struggling amateur athlete like myself, this is a huge help.

When it comes to BJJ Recovery, Dr. Rosa is the team’s go to guy. I’d highly recommend him to anyone, of any skill level, who practices any sport– especially BJJ Recovery because the art is foreign to most doctors. Dr. Rosa watches BJJ and is highly knowledgable when it comes to the stresses and complexities of the fine art.

Dr. Rosa is the guy to see for BJJ Recovery, and he has some great stories.

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