Guard Passing Basics

Guard passing sets apart the good from the elite in BJJ. To learn this elusive skill one must delve deep into the BJJ underworld where Brazilians try to keep their best guard passes top secret.

I’ve done some studying and through many hours of practice I’ve created a flawless guard passing system that anyone can learn.

BJJ guard passing is not about speed, pressure, posture, or strength, but rather knowing specific secrets that Brazilians don’t want you to know.

Legit, crazy BJJ guard passing changes the game. If you’re like me and you’re not an elite wrester then your only option in a tournament is to pull guard and sweep.

Once you’ve swept your opponent and wind up in the top position what’s next? You need the ability to pass your opponents guard quickly and with confidence!

The number one problem that I see with BJJ guard passers is they lack confidence. More to come…

If you’re interested in a really cool BJJ guard passing resource check out this site: Link

Watch the video, it’s only a few minutes long. It explains everything you need to know about guard passing!

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