IBJJF Pans Day 3

I just went to the venue to check my weight. Got in and out. I’m 1.5 lbs under so I can have a small salad and some chicken throughout the day. Tomorrow is go time. I’ll be competing at 10:35 am Pacific Time. The IBJJF Pans are a good tournament.  Last year I lost my first match to Roberto Satoshi by two points. This year will be different as I’m a more seasoned brown belt with more confidence, skill and a better team enviroment.

It will be a good test of my new skills I’ve picked up at team Lloyd Irvin. The training is vastly better, and we drill much more than where I was before. Overall the IBJJF Pan’s are turning to be a great tournament. Keenan went on to win double gold placing first in his division and the purple open class. Keenan will be the next Roger Gracie, I’m positive. He tapped one of the Meow brothers in less than 30 seconds and finished almost all of his matches by submission. He wrecked shop at the IBJJF Pans.

JT is competing in the super heavyweight black belt division while weighing only 175lbs. I believe he will win. We all believe in him. He’s got insane skills and he’s twice as fast as any super heavyweight. It’s gonna be really exciting. Make sure you tune in to watch him merk some heavies.

Until next time – Oose


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