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berimbolo DVDSo, the Pan didn’t go my way. No excuses. I’m going back to the lab on monday and I’ll be ready for the Worlds in 9 weeks.

The good thing about losing: Nothing. It sucks. I’ve lost a lot in my BJJ career. I lose more than I win, but Napoleon Hill says Persistance is a key trait to success.

The reason I’m writing this blog is that I just got a message from my blue belt friend and former student Steve Ladin. He sent me this message about my Berimbolo DVD:

They are going really well. I did pretty good at Lutador. One of the guys I beat placed second at White Belt Worlds last year and lost in the quarter finals for Blue Belt Pan Ams. So I was happy about that. I actually beat him on points with one of the De La Riva Sweeps that I learned from your DVD.

Steve was able to use one of the sweeps he learned on my Berimbolo DVD. The sweep he’s talking about is very easy to learn and sets up lots of other attacks and submissions. If you’re interested in learning more about my Berimbolo DVD click here. The DVD is a single volume and covers De la Riva Guard and the Berimbolo in great detail. I’m also giving out a free guard strength workbook that will make your guard straight nasty!

So I’m heading home tomorrow back to Maryland. The team has been awesome. After I lost my match I was walking to the bullpen and I heard certain people yelling at me, harassing me with insults. Master Lloyd came walking up at that exact moment and  and told me something that gave me the confidence to block it all out. It’s great being backed by people who share your same goals and dreams. All the guys are awesome and I’m really lucky to be a part of the team. JT, Jimmy, Sarj, Keenan, Chris, Balcom, Nick, Mike, DJ, Andris, Master Donnie and the Teens, of course Master Lloyd.

I’ll update this blog tomorrow. Osss



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