Rafael Mendes Vs Cobrinha Armbar at Pans Analysis

Below you’ll find my detailed play by play of Rafael Mendes Vs Cobrinha Armbar at Pans Analysis. Want to understand exactly what happend in the match? Well read below! And if you have not already, watch the guard pass to armbar at 4.22 of this match:

Let me explain this arm bar if I may. As Rafael Mendes sweeps Cobrinha (4:14) he comes on top in the hip rewind, sao paulo passing position. Cobrinha attempts to trap Rafael in 50/50 however Rafael Mendes manages to hook his bottom leg in a safe position preventing a 50/50 execution by Cobrinha(4:19).

At this point Cobrinha has the following options:

  1. Turn away from Rafael and give up his back
  2. Accept the guard pass
  3. Stiff arm Rafael by extending his arm and using Rafael’s lapel as a grip.

Conrinha decides he has no choice but to fully extend his arm and attempt to use that leverage to prevent the pass with the goal of eventually recomposing his guard.

At exactly 4:22, Rafael Mendes attacks the armbar by passing his right leg over Cobrinha’s head and left leg over his stomach. The reason he was able to prevent Cobrinha from retracting his arm is simply because Cobrinha was fully extending his arm to prevent the pass. Rafa then moves his control to the wrist/thumb of Cobrinha, and this is essential for him. As Cobrinha “cork-screws” his body Rafael is able to counter this movement by turing the wrist the opposite way , thus keeping Cobrinha’s arm in the locked out position. Notice at 4:30, Rafa rotates toward Cobrinha’s legs forcing Cobrinha to roll and again at 4:42. Finally at 4:44 Cobrinha submits.

Lessons learned from the match:

  • Be ready to attack a submission when attempting a guard pass.
  • Control of your opponents wrist and thumb is essential in finishing an arm bar.
  • Use the inside of your leg as a fulcrum and not your genitals for maximum finishing ability.
  • Face your opponents legs when finishing an arm bar belly down. This will force your opponent to roll and increase your chances of finishing.

That concludes my Rafael Mendes Vs Cobrinha Armbar at Pans Analysis, I hope the information was helpful to you.

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  2. Ouuusss!! Thanks for the analysis! Super detailed! This was an awesome match! Thanks for sharing! It really is about the guard passing!

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